Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic Medicine is the assessment and treatment of non-surgical lesions (disruptions of tissue) of the musculoskeletal system. It was developed beginning in 1929 by British physician Dr. James Cyriax, widely known as the father of Orthopedic Medicine. As a physician, he used steroid injections and manipulation as well as transverse (crossfiber) friction to treat soft tissue injuries.

Orthopedic Massage uses the same system of assessment and transverse friction developed by Dr. Cyriax and made accessible to massage therapists by Dr. Ben Benjamin, a student of Dr. Cyriax.  Injections, manipulations and diagnosing are outside the scope of practice for massage therapists, but using a system of assessment and taking a thorough history are valuable tools available to the orthopedic massage therapist – providing information about musculoskeletal conditions and how best to proceed. Where friction therapy is appropriate, it provides precise and effective treatment.

Orthopedic Massage can help with issues related to:

neck rotator cuff knees repetitive stress injuries
back elbows ankles sports injuries
low back wrist